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Black Orchid Boa

This feather-free, fabric boa is perfect for use as a neck wrap or scarf is a fantastic alternative for those who would rather not have a traditional feather boa, but still want all of the vampy fun & elegance! Both environmentally and animal friendly, this boa was handmade entirely from hundreds of bias cut, hand knotted pieces of shimmering purple and an array of opaque & sheer black fabrics. The boa measures approx. 60" long. It has a wonderful drape when worn and can even be used for a touch of vintage glam in your home decor.

To display how it looks on, the last photo shows a red & black Kambriel fabric boa in the same style being worn by Amanda Palmer during her "Evening With" tour alongside Neil Gaiman. Amanda commissioned several of these vegan boas to be made for her and a troupe of burlesque dancers to wear onstage as part of a secret surprise performance for Neil's birthday!

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Black Orchid Boa ~ $35



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