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Arachne Fabric Boa

The last photo shows a Kambriel fabric boa being worn by Amanda Palmer during her "Evening With" tour... Amanda commissioned several of these to be made for her and a troupe of burlesque dancers to wear onstage as part of a secret surprise performance for Neil Gaiman's birthday!

This feather-free, fabric boa by Kambriel is a fantastic alternative for those who would rather not have a traditional feather boa, but still want all of the vampy fun & elegance! Both environmentally and animal friendly, this boa was handmade entirely from several hundred hand cut & knotted pieces of bias cut openweave black mesh in a design resembling Art Deco spiderwebs, and measures approx. 50" long. It has a wonderful drape when worn and can even be used for a touch of vintage glam in your home decor!

Scroll down for a full view.

Arachne Fabric Boa ~ $40







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