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Shiny Jet Black Boa

This is a great boa alternative for those who would rather not have the traditional feather boa! It is made entirely from glossy black (& surprisingly soft!) re-purposed audio/video tape that's been meticulously cut into hundreds of hand-knotted pieces, and measures approximately 50" long. It has wonderful reflective qualities which play with the light & shadows as you move, and there is something incredibly enchanting about the fact that there are literally songs and visions hidden within in this creation...

Photo #5 shows a similar Kambriel vegan boa being worn by Amanda Palmer during her "Evening With" tour alongside Neil Gaiman. Amanda commissioned several of these vegan boas to be made for her and a troupe of burlesque dancers to wear onstage as part of a secret surprise performance for Neil's birthday!

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Shiny Jet Black Boa ~ $35



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