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Fairytale Renaissance Custom Wine Red Burgundy Braids ~ Extra Long Intricately Woven Braid Design ~ Ready to Ship!

This wonderful set of extra long custom made burgundy braids made from highest quality synthetic hair were worn only once for the above photo & are lustrous, clean, and ready to add timeless elegance to your ensemble. They can be used and attached in various ways ~ clipped or braided into your own hair, attached with a ponytail, tuck one underneath a beret as a quick accent piece, or get creative & wrap them around in an intricate fairytale style all your own ~ there's lots of beautiful length here to work with!

There are some hair ends at the top that could be trimmed if desired, but that's the area that generally ends up covered and is simply how they were originally made. They are secured with the ponytail holders looped below that section, and again above the lower ends of the braids. The braids overall length is approx. 40"(!) long, with the braided portions measuring approx. 33" and the smooth flowing sections at the bottom of each braid measuring an additional 7".


Fairytale Renaissance Custom Wine Red Burgundy Braids ~ $120




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