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Semi-Sheer Ombre Noire Hat

~~Photos 1 & 5 are of similar hats to show the overall style while being worn ~ the exact hat being offered here (due to each being one of a kind) is shown in photos 2, 3, and 4.~~

This stunning hat features a dramatic femme fatale silhouette courtesy a sculpted cloud created from a multitude of artfully gathered black sheer bias flounces emphasized with delicately rolled black edges, to frame the face in an aura of ethereal black. Even with its dramatic proportions, it's quite comfortable to wear, and will lend a touch of darkened elegance and mystery to your ensemble.

The base of this hat is a combination of semi-sheer and opaque black. A similar, more opaque base style is available here.

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Sheer Ombre Noire Hat ~ $175










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