Midnight Choker

Victoriana Choker

La Plume Choker

Haute Choker

Ice Queen Crown

Black Widow Choker

Narnia Choker

Celestyna Neck Ruff
Shoulder Capelet

Chantilly Lace Ruff

Arachne Choker

Cabaret Choker

Velvet Beret

Fabric Boa

Sorcerer's Bag

Midnight Rose Choker

One of a Kind Women's Accessories

Art Nouveau Filigree Necklace

Ice Queen Crown

Poison Garden Flower Fairy Necklace

Cascadia Noir Necklace

Midnight Rose Choker

Gothic Revival Necklace & Earrings

Luna Earrings

Mata Hari Choker

Ivory Lace Peacock Choker

Cabaret Choker

Chantilly Lace Ruff

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