Antique Art Nouveau Chatelaine Purse

This rare antique Art Nouveau chatelaine purse (circa 1890-1910) features a stunning two-sided silver plated frame of a serene woman in profile with dramatic serpentine hair bordered on either side with elaborate floral filigree. The frame's acquired such a beautiful natural patina over the past century bringing out the details of the design, and the purse has its original chain handle which you could simply carry as is or attach to a chatelaine belt. The body of the purse is covered in fine jet black beadwork and accented with beaded fringe.

CONDITION: Overall for its age, this purse is still so gorgeous (especially the opulent frame), but since it is well over 100 years old, there are of course some expected signs of wear and passage of time, including an area on either side of the upper interior lining that's been worn thin due to friction from the metal frame on the outside, and some bead/net loss under one side of the silver frame directly beneath the lowermost part of the woman's hair

MEASUREMENTS: The base of the purse across the widest section of beadwork measures approx. 6½", approx. 3⅛" across the top width of the metal frame. The length of the purse itself, not including fringe or chain handle is approx. 6", or approx. 15¾" long including the looped chain handle down to the lower edge of the longest fringe.

Price $375.00